Color options

Flat Black

Olive Green

New Albany Green

Coda Green

Dark Bronze

Chocolate Brown

Menthol Green

Gloss Black


Silver Metallic

Other color options are available upon request

Product Drawings

Pair our Lancaster Base with our Fiberglass Pole for a classic look that’s built to last. This combination is fade and chemical resistant and is finished with a superior quality polyurethane to withstand any environment.

Select a pole height

AA107 | Height: 7 ft.0 in.
AA108 | Height: 8 ft.0 in.
AA109 | Height: 9 ft.0 in.
AA110 | Height: 10 ft.0 in.
AA111 | Height: 11 ft.0 in.
AA112 | Height: 12 ft.0 in.
AA113 | Height: 13 ft.0 in.
AA114 | Height: 14 ft.0 in.

* indicates the use of a 3' pole extension"

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